domingo, junio 06, 2010

Welcome to Android... i'm back online!

Y es que después de pensar que había convertido mi móvil HTC en un ladrillo, gracias a la comunidad cyanogenmod, lo he recuperado. Lo que no me esperaba recibir es el siguiente email:


Your new Nexus One phone has many cool and useful features. Learn more by clicking on the links to watch brief YouTube videos directly on your phone:

  • Customise your home screen with widgets and live wallpapers. Learn more
  • Read, search, archive, label and write emails on the go. Learn more
  • Watch videos or upload your own videos directly to YouTube. Learn more
  • Get turn by turn directions with satellite and street views of your route. Learn more
  • Speak and have the phone type for you with voice input. Learn more
  • Take pictures with your 5mp camera with flash, and view them in your 3D Media Gallery. Learn more
  • Get cool applications and games on Android Market. Learn more
  • Sync your contacts, Facebook and email accounts with QuickContact. Learn more

The Android Team at Google

Y es que aunque no tengo el Nexus One, la ROM instalada es común con la del Nexus One!

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